Monday, August 18, 2014

Wow, busy day.  After the crises I mentioned earlier, the film folks who called last week stopped by.  Mr.S seems dead-set against the idea of them filming here, but I managed to get the guys aside for a short time to show them around some of the other parts of the gallery such as the 3rd/4th floors and even next door, and talk to them and see if we could work out some way of handling things that would be agreeable to Mr.S.  They really want to film here, and we discussed some ways in which it might be possible to film without taking down the paintings (something Mr.S is adamantly against).  We decided it would be best to tread carefully, keep them in contact with Kiddo, and possibly film up on the 3rd/4th floor to avoid equipment getting in the way for Mr.S.  If this is going to work Kiddo is going to need to do some convincing with Mr.S, but I think we might be able to work things out... if he will listen.

...Big "IF" on that last bit.  As I was finishing up he called me on my cell and was chewing me out for being away from my desk for so long.  I'm trying to help out this gallery, get it noticed, bring in Hollywood money that might be interested in what the gallery has to offer, not to mention publicity from a nationally syndicated tv show... and he is hollering at me for it!  Instead he wants me to write up letters to more newspapers advertising an exhibition that isn't going to happen; letters that I've already mentioned to Kiddo and she has told me not to send in.  AUGH!!!

Note to self-
If I get to his age, and if I can still remember making this note to myself; listen to others.  Even if you don't want total change be open to some compromise.

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