Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finding something else is taking a bit longer than I'd like.  I know the owner of an e-cig shop nearby in the same part of the French Quarter and it seems they'd love to have me, but they just opened up and business needs to pick up before they can start hiring.  The owner there is awesome, laid back, and I know we would get along.  Furthermore, as someone who vapes, I know my way around the product and can relate to the customers.  Its not art, but I'm sure I would enjoy the work, and it would give me enough free time to work on my own projects.  (6 days a week is killing me)

Today I'm sitting here while Mr.S interviews replacements for T.  I'm not giving any of them permanent names until one gets hired; for now they are "cannon fodder/CF1" "CF2" "CF3" you get the idea.  Even then, I might just continue referring to them in here as "cannon fodder."  I'll hopefully find a new job and be out of here before I can form any opinions about their chances of staying on.

CF1 was very friendly with great people skills, both of which wouldn't be too bad to have for someone whose job is greeting people at the front door and answering phones.  However, I think Mr.S has already dismissed her as a candidate; he doesn't want anybody from Westbank as he thinks they won't get to work on time.  That's probably discrimination, but leave it to Mr.S to not even consider that.

CF2 is slightly older and less warm and bubbly, but Mr.S doesn't care for warm and bubbly, even if that's what is needed.  She listed having a degree from University of Phoenix, which doesn't impress me at all as that's an online diploma mill.  He doesn't understand online degrees though (doesn't pay attention to academics, if you remember). He probably doesn't even know that such a thing as earning a degree on the internet exists.  He wouldn't know the difference between the U. of Phoenix and Stanford.

Still waiting on CF3, but for now we have another old friend visiting Mr.S and talking about the good old days.  I'll let them do their thing and get back to this when another CF shows up.

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