Saturday, August 16, 2014

What a week; this is the 1st time since Monday that I've had a moment to sit down and write in the blog.  Mr.S seems more worked up than normal this week, and I am about ready to strangle him.  He asks for something, I get it, then he demands to know why it was where it was, or why it has writing on it, or who put it there.  For all I know these files were put where they were a decade ago.

When I took this job I expected to be working in a gallery learning to sell paintings, accepting a (very) modest base paycheck which is acceptable considering the commissions made when selling the paintings.  In reality I'm just being paid that base salary to work in a personal old-folks home disguised so as to let the one old man live out his life thinking that he's still working.

Who are we kidding?  He isn't going to retire; this is his retirement!  He sits at a desk, living out his fantasy of still being an important businessman with a successful art gallery, and grumbles and shouts at people.  All the while the rest of the world leaves him further and further behind.

Yesterday a site scout for a well known television series being filmed in New Orleans called to make an appointment to look around and possibly see about filming in the gallery.  Mr.S showed no interest at all.  I suggested that it would be good publicity for the gallery, that people across the country would see it.  He got angry and shouted that he didn't want all the cameras and film crews getting in the way of him doing his business.

I don't get it.  To me it would be only one day of slight inconvenience.  There is no "business" to be getting in the way of; this place is dead.  I'm sure they could even film on one of the floors where nobody visits, park the vans around the corner where they won't block the gallery.  I'm certain it would bring in customers, but according to Mr.S I'm stupid and don't have any good ideas.

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