Friday, August 8, 2014

Today my computer timed out and went into sleep mode.  When the screen went to black I saw my reflection in the screen, and couldn't believe how tired I looked.  It's only been a few weeks, and it doesn't seem like that active of a job, but it is draining.  Maybe its because I work 6 days a week, or maybe because the base salary is about minimum wage with promises of commissions on paintings that never sell.  Maybe its because I'm working directly with Mr.S daily.

I'm glad to have a job, I just want to be good at it.  I also wish I could have the time that I previously did to work on my own art.  Its only been 3 weeks though.  If I'm meant to be doing this I'll get better at it, and if I'm meant to succeed with my artwork I will.  Who knows, maybe I'm meant to be doing something else altogether.  I can only trust God/fate to grant that my efforts will someday put me where I'm meant to be.

For now, I'm tired.

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