Thursday, August 28, 2014

And here is CF3.

Saw CF3 waiting to go in while getting back from lunch.  Wasn't sure, but sounds like another Westbank one.  Interesting that we aren't getting any men applying for this position.  Mr.S talks too much for these interviews, doesn't ask enough questions, and I wonder if these poor women understand what he is talking about... or what they are getting themselves into.

Oh god, he is telling this one that she'll have to drive him home.

She previously worked for Oschner.  Considering that she seems to have some hospital experience maybe she'll be used to the type of stress that this place entails.  Or maybe she is trying to get away from that stress.  Anyway, good luck CF3, you'll need it.  Not for getting the job (believe it or not, you're lucky if you don't) but you'll need the luck in dealing with this old geezer if you get the job.

CF4 is now being interviewed; another Westbank applicant.  She is catching him later in the day which means he is more tired, thus less coherent.  I can tell she is struggling to understand.  And now he is interrupting the interview for his cell phone... she seems not into it.  Wouldn't be surprised if she turns the job down if it is offered.

Interestingly, so far Mr.S seems to be leaning towards CF1, who I though was instantly disqualified due to being Westbank.  However, unlike all the others so far she showed interest in the art on the walls, and that is something that Mr.S liked.  Looks like Mr.S isn't totally out of it yet mentally speaking; just enough to make our lives hell without being so far gone that he would make it easier by not being able to come in.

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