Monday, August 18, 2014

Just talked to Kiddo.  Minor freakout avoided and she has helped me to put things in perspective.  Kiddo is awesome.

Calming down now; will go to lunch soon, might have a smoke and coffee as well.  Usually I just puff on my e-cig and only smoke real cigarettes when I'm drinking with friends, but after last week and today I think I might need the real thing.

Part of the freakout was about a letter that Mr.S wanted sent to a local newspaper, asking for an advertisement for an exhibition next month of paintings of ballerinas.  The problem though is that we only have one such painting, and while it is a beautiful piece by a wonderful late 19th century German artist, its not enough to make an exhibition, and there is no way that we could magically have a ton more paintings like it magically appear in the next month.

Finally, after trying to explain this to the man, without success, I simply wrote up the letter for him to approve, then never sent it, told him I did, and took the whole issue over to Kiddo, as well as discussing other issues that came up over the weekend while she was gone.  I hate to write about things that point out the man's senility, but the fact of the matter is that at this age at least some senility is going to be a matter of fact.

Anyway, time for lunch.

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