Saturday, August 9, 2014

"They couldn't get cold feet!  Nobody gets cold feet around here; its too warm!"

Its Saturday again, and as I work 6 days a week that doesn't really mean much.  What means more is the fact that it is blazing hot and humid out today.  

Of course, Saturday does mean something to everyone who does get a normal weekend.  This Saturday is apparently the 20th annual Red Dress Run.  A prime example of the craziness that is New Orleans, the Red Dress Run is a fundraiser/drinking event/running event where a ton of people show up wearing red dresses (or other red colored garments of feminine clothing) and drink heavily.  Yes, the red dresses are also worn by the men attending the event.  So, on the bus to the french quarter, I was sitting on the bus seat wearing my tie, slacks, dress shirt, and carrying my blazer... surrounded by a bunch of men ranging from frat-boy types to mid-age looking gentlemen, all dressed in red drag.

Another interesting and presumably unrelated example of the things that would seem out of place anywhere but in this city; on my way from the bus to work I pass by a fire station, and today someone was standing in the middle of the garage of the fire station playing the bagpipes.  It was entirely dark inside (compared to the blazing sun outside) so all I could see was the silhouette of the piper against the light of a door leading out the back of the fire station as he played.  I grinned at how seemingly random it was, and then hurried on to work.

Today it is just Mr.S and myself in the gallery.  Kiddo doesn't come in on Saturdays because she has to take care of her own kids (Mr.S's great grandchildren) and T also has Saturdays off.  There is another woman who usually is here on Saturdays to take T's desk, but I guess J couldn't make it in today either.  I wish that I had Saturdays off to work on my art, but that's not the way things work around here.  However, on slow days (as it seems most days in this gallery are) I'm able to get out my sketchbook and do a bit of work.  Its not the work on my prints that I'd like to be doing, but at least its something.  It is a short day, I can carve the linoleum a bit when I get home, though that will distract from being able to spend time with Elsa.

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