Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to writing ads for newspapers... Because everyone still reads newspapers, yep, no way that could be a dying form of media.  These ads at least make a little sense until Mr.S decides he has to look at it, make changes, and ruin any semblance of correct grammar or usage of English language.  At which point I have to implement his changes and try to return a bit of linguistic cohesion, print up a new draft, run it by him, and the cycle starts over again.

I don't know if anyone in this family has power of attorney at this point, but it might be time to consider moving him to a retirement home.  I know its not my place to say, but lets face it, the man is 92; most people retire at about 60.  He could have been retired for 30 years, enjoying his life, but instead he spends his days in a decaying old gallery watching it slowly deflate.

Mr.S has said that he likes New Orleans because it reminds him of Vienna; Its a city where everyone has a good time, nobody is in a hurry, and there is good food and good music to be enjoyed.  I'd say that lots of things about this man reflects his homeland.  His gallery, for example, reflects the path of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; once great but nobody can really remember when, and since then has been constantly fading into obscurity as those ruling become handicapped by their own mental decline, eccentricity, and unwillingness to accept the changing world around them.

There has been some talk of clearing out the other building next door (which never seems to get shown anyway) and renting it out as a storefront to another business.  I wonder if that would be the equivalent of Hungary splitting away, though I suppose its not quite the same, as they'd still be paying to Mr.S and he'd still technically own the building. Anyway, aside from being incorrect that's also probably taking that comparison a bit too far. If that happens, though, it will be interesting to see how whoever rents out the area next door will react to their landlord.  Then again, dealing with that business might be taken care of by Kiddo, who has more experience with real-estate, and would probably be more agreeable for the tenants to deal with.

Whatever, better get back to writing this stupid ad so I don't get screamed at like yesterday.

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