Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So this morning, before he left, Mr.S tasked me with bringing down the write-ups (paperwork with information about the paintings) for the paintings that got moved down to the 1st floor from other floors, and bringing up the write-ups for those from the 1st floor that got moved up.  Part of that whole mess from moving the paintings around yesterday.

My discovery, after he left, is that none of this paperwork is where it is meant to be.  I just spent the entire day trying to locate and relocate these stupid folders, ending up having to write down a list of every painting on every floor so that I could figure out where everything was going.  As it turns out this man can drive me crazy even when he isn't in the building.

The worst part; I know that he is going to get in tomorrow, figure out what I haven't done, and yell at me for having gotten nothing done.

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