Thursday, July 31, 2014

"In order to get big money you've gotta be a jerk like me and everybody else."
-Mr. S

Today the gallery was visited both by a younger (2nd?) cousin of Mr. S as well as the grandson of Jean-Pierre Serrier, a French Artist who loved coming to New Orleans in the 1970s and a good friend of Mr. S's family.  Neither knows the other but both happen to be visiting at the same time.  The painter's grandson is 19 and very shy and has some trouble speaking English, though in the two weeks that he has been here in the US he seems to have shown great improvement.  None the less, I pity him trying to understand Mr. S's Austrian/old codger accent.  All around he was a good kid, just a bit quiet and I believe that his inexperience with our language caused him to be even more reserved.

Mr. S's cousin, on the other hand, is very outgoing and confident.  Mr. S calls him "the hippie," and so Hippie will be the name that he goes by in this blog.  Aside from his long hair I'm not sure what about him makes him a hippie, but I like going with Mr. S's vocabulary on this because its funny and silly.  He's slightly older than myself and grew up in Australia, having an obvious accent from the region.  He works in advertising and with the ties between ad and art we hit it off almost immediately and I expect that we will keep in touch.  Mr. S was genuinely happy to see him and enjoyed talking about old family stories.  I'm not sure if he totally knows what to make of the ad work that Hippie does, but he seems interested.

The quote today doesn't have much to do with the post, but hey, he said something funny, so I figured I'd go with it.  I guess this one of those examples where I hope he isn't right.  In the off chance that he is, I've got to wonder if it isn't better to just be happy with small money.  I hope that I never have to change my mind about that.

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